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Airline Customer Service
Course Description
This course aims to give you the knowledge and skills for representing the Company on customers, communication with customers and provide general and specific information. You will benefit with knowledge and analysis of the current legal framework and regulations governing various areas of aviation. Also you will be able to apply all the existing regulations and guidelines of the Company. Handling commercial correspondence, keeping of statistics and corrective interventions for improvement of services provided.
Course Modules
  • Standard of Customer Service (Behind the front line –What is customer –Customer expectation of service – The high cost of losing a customer)
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Contact Techniques (Personal & self-presentation-Preparing steps to receive the customer –Telephone communication)
  • Social styles & Tact (Personality-Flexing Strategies-Cultural Differences)
  • Dealing With Complaints (Just cause for complain- why do customer complain-How to handle complaints properly)
  • Managing Stress
  • New Trends in Customer Service (The internet Revolution-Customer and e-mail
Career Prospects

Holders of Customer Services, Career in all airlines, with the possibility, in combination with the diploma of Harvard’s Management further career in the commercial sector. Once you obtain the internationally recognize diploma, you can study the Leadership and management course of Harvard business  and you will enrich your CV by appealing qualifications.

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