Hospitality Services Diploma
Nearly 1 billion of people travel every year from their country abroad by holidays. These people need, in addition to the air transport, accommodation, catering and a host of additional services that will ensure optimum results and maximum satisfaction from their holidays. The overall effect depends on the level of service quality at every level of this chain of services.
To ensure the maximum positive effect IATA offers all professionals involved directly or indirectly in these service levels the opportunity to obtain a certificate of professional fulfillments.
Those who gain this qualification will have a thorough knowledge of the procedures required in Section Housekeeping (housekeeping), the sales process of a hotel room, the appropriate way to handle customers and their requirements to accommodate a facility, appropriate ways to maximize customer satisfaction the provision of appropriate travel products and creating loyalty to the company and improve customer relations and tourism business.
Whether tourism schools graduates, or professionals wider hotel sector (hotels, resort hotels, cruise ships, hotel sales agents, concierges) given the opportunity to broaden their professional horizons and enhance their experience and qualifications in an internationally recognized certificate.
The program consists of four distinct sections:
Housekeeping Room Attendant
Front Desk Agent
Reservation Sales Agent &
Serving the Travel Customer (e-learning course)
For each module are separate examinations and issued a separate certificate for a particular subject upon completion of all 4 modules administered Hospitality Services Diploma.
Safety & Protection
Procedures for cleaning
Management breaker
Specialized terminology
Guest Relations & Services
Reservations and room sales and associated services
Process customer arrivals & departures
Functional relationships between the parts
Interpersonal skills
Office organization
Technical sales
Monetary transactions
Customer service
Communication techniques
The technology in customer service
Dealing with difficult customers
Related with stress work
Holders of HOSPITALITY SERVICES DIPLOMA can work and careers as managers in hotels (front & back office), to cruise companies, in terrestrial tourist offices serving both in Cyprus and abroad.
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