Cabin Crew

IATA Aviation Cabin Crew
Course Descripton
One of the top priorities of aviation is the specialized training of cabin crew. Graduates and holders of the IATA Aviation Cabin Crew Diploma have the ability to move in on a market that offers unique experiences, benefits and immediate restoration in both Cyprus based airlines and on foreign companies. The program is designed by IATA and covers all those necessary skills and knowledge relating to the profession in relation to the life-saving equipment, the procedures followed by caregivers within an aircraft and passenger service issues. At the same time, course covers whatever student needs to know before coming in contact with the airline. Obtaining this degree provides the skills for a successful career in a competitive environment demanding.

Course Modules
The material is composed of fourteen modules that cover all the requirements of the profession. Each section is accompanied by a questionnaire able to prepare learners for their final examination by the testing center IATA.
  •  Introduction to the cabin crew profession
  •  Landing the job
  •  Cabin crew Healthy living/lifestyle
  •  Introduction to the Aviation Industry
  •  Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation Familiarization
  •  Crew member coordination and communication
  •  Customer service
  •  Managing Passenger Interactions
  •  Safety and Emergency Procedures
  •  Medical Emergency and Medical Training
  •  Dangerous Goods
  •  Aviation Security
  •  Airline Catering and Food Service
  •  Glossary
Career Prospects
As graduates and holders of the Diploma IATA AIRLINE CABIN CREW in combined with the diploma of Harvard’s Management have a career option to airlines within and outside Cyprus.
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