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IATA/FIATA Dangerous Goods Initial/Recurrent
Course Description
The educational  program of IATA, Cargo and Dangerous Goods Regulations is composed of a training course, related to the transfer of loads in the field of aviation. The program focuses on the full understanding and application in practice of the IATA’s manual, Dangerous Goods Regulations for Air Transport. The certification provided by written examinations and by the diploma IATA/FIATA.
Intended for:
  • Operator´s and ground handling agent´s staff accepting dangerous goods for transport 
  • Transport and operations employees of agencies involved in international cargo air-transport
  • Cargo agents´ sales and marketing employees 
  • Airline and air cargo operators´ operations, sales, and reservations employees, shippers and packers
  • Manufacturers´, importers´ and exporters´ shipping department employees 
  • Anyone wishing to work in the field of cargo air transport 
Participants will learn how to:
  • Correctly apply IATA rules for Dangerous Goods
  • Understand the legal aspects and responsibilities of shippers, agents and airlines involved in the transport of Dangerous Goods, and how to correctly identify and classify Dangerous Goods 
  • Ensure that the goods have been properly packed, marked and labelled 
  • Fill in and check the “Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods” 
  • Deliver consignments containing dangerous goods to airlines - ready to send 
Course Modules
  • General Philosophy
  • Limitations
  • General Requirements for Shippers
  • Classification
  • List of dangerous Goods
  • General Packing requirements
  • Packing Instructions
  • Labelling and marking
  • Documentation
  • Acceptance procedures
  • Notification to pilots
  • Storage and loading procedures
  • Recognition of Undeclared Dangerous Goods
  • Provisions for passengers and crew
  • Emergency procedures 
The training is conducted by a team of qualified instructors with a long-term experience in the field. 

In addition to IATA courses, we also run air transport of dangerous goods courses for all 12 categories specified by IATA and ICAO regulations, based on the approval by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cyprus Republic and Live animals regulations and Air cargo courses. All courses lead to a final test; successful participants are awarded an IATA certificate.

We organize courses open for individual students as well as tailor-made courses for corporate customers.

Detailed information regarding individual courses, dates and application forms may be given after personal contact. Please, contact us for more information.


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